POC Product Finder

Discover point of care marketing solutions tailored to your preferences with our updated POCMA product finder tool! This comprehensive tool provides you with expanded options, allowing you to tailor your search for product lines that meet your specific needs.

Follow our five-step process to identify product lines tailored to your preferences. The results will generate a list of POCMA media companies that have product lines based on the selected criteria.

Step 1: Certified Product Lines: defaults to certified product lines, but you can also explore all point of care product lines offered by our members.

Step 2: Point of Care Setting: select the type of point of care location(s) being considered.

Step 3: Target Audience: identify the target audiences you want to reach.

Step 4: HCP Specialty and/or Specialty Locations: select the type of HCP(s) or Specialty locations being considered.

Step 5: Media Tactic: select the media tactic(s) being considered.

Results can be viewed within the tool or can be downloaded. The results do not account for inventory that may be sold out. Therefore, we recommend you contact each media company directly to learn more about their product lines and availability.

Note: the Product Finder is available on desktop devices with screen resolution 1024px and wider.

This tool is currently in beta. Please share your feedback here.

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