Certification Seal Recipients

The following product lines have earned The Point of Care Marketing Association Certification Seal

Explorer Waiting Room TV
Consult Exam Room Digital Wallboard

Waiting Room TV
Digital Wallboard

Digital TV Network

Health Guides
Digital Screen Network

Pharmacy Media Display

Healthcare Guides

Pharmacy Posters
Waiting & Exam Room Posters
Pharmacy Bags
Medical Essentials
Pharmacy Literature Distribution
Waiting & Exam Room Literature Distribution
Health Education Guides
Print Wallboard
Waiting Room TV Network
Pharmacy TV Network

Wait-Time Communication Platform/WRTV*
Provider Access Platform
Interact Exam Room Platform/Exam Room Wallboard*
Primary Care Wait-Time Communication Platform/WRTV*
Primary Care Interact Exam Room Platform*
Primary Care Provider Access Platform
Dermatology Wait-Time Communication Platform/WRTV*
Dermatology Interact Exam Room Platform*
Dermatology Provider Access Platform
Oncology Wait-Time Communication Platform/WRTV*
Oncology Interact Exam Room Platform*
Oncology Provider Access Platform
Oncology Infusion Room Tablets*
*Includes Outcome Health now part of PatientPoint


Print Wallboards (HCP & Exam)

Printed Patient Guides