Certification Process

We are the standard-bearers of the Point of Care media channel and committed to having a robust and ongoing emphasis relative to verification and validation guidance.

The Point of Care Marketing Association has created industry guidelines and a path for POC media companies to earn the valuable Point of Care Marketing Association Certification Seal.

Submission Process for Certification

Media buyers and clients value product lines that have earned our Certification Seal as they undergo a rigorous annual vetting process:


POCMA approved auditor audits a media company’s product line based on the process outlined in the Verification & Validation Guidance document


If audit score meets POCMA’s standards, the auditor submits the Certification Seal form via email to  for final review


Payment is assessed and processed by POCMA’s President


Media company receives Certification Seal for product line that met standard

Our FAQ page below provides more details about The Point of Care Marketing Association Process for Certification

Guidelines & Standards

The Point of Care Marketing Association Verification and Validation Guidance was created by our Verification & Validation Committee with significant input from our Industry Advisory Council and feedback from the industry at large.

The Verification and Validation Guidance will be updated as needed to include new information based on industry evolution and feedback.

The Point of Care Marketing Association Verification and Validation Guidance was approved by the POCMA Board of Directors and supersedes and replaced any previous versions or drafts of the guidance. This guidance is not intended to supersede any federal or state requirements.

The POCMA-approved Third-party auditing company is the Alliance for Audited Media.

Point of Care Marketing Association Verification and Validation Guidance

Do you have a question about The Point of Care Marketing Association Verification and Validation Guidance? Please submit your questions or comments here

Infographic Reference Tool

The Point of Care Marketing Association produced this reference tool to highlight the key elements of the detailed Verification and Validation Guidance document. This downloadable PDF explains the standards and procedures required for becoming certified in an easily digestible format. Download it HERE

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