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Take action this PRIDE. Get the facts on LGBTQIA+ healthcare disparities and discrimination and how healthcare marketers can drive change and make a more inclusive healthcare system by better LGBTQIA+ engagement.
For healthcare marketers, pharmacy point of care marketing presents a strategic opportunity as patients increasing turn to pharmacies for care, Rx guidance, and services. Pharmacies offer a convenient and trusted environment to engage patients directly, potentially influencing Rx adherence, reporting on patient barriers, and the improvement of treatment outcomes.
Television is losing its grip as viewers tune out to television advertising. Fragmented platforms and limited ad space aren't leaving much hope for streaming services to make up for healthcare marketing losses. With high ROI and ever-growing targeting and tech, point of care (POC) media is poised to be the future of healthcare marketing that can meet modern healthcare consumers more effectively.
Custom POC creative is a powerful driver of effectiveness for helathcare marketing. Grace Rodriquez of UCB gives powerful advice to healthcare marketers on why custom POC creative is vital to reaching patients at critical moments. Discover top strategic insights and approaches coming from Industry Leaders and point of care research.
Refresh your healthcare perspective and get stronger, future-looking, and more integrated marketing strategy. Across healthcare marketing verticals, leaders ranging from big pharma to patient advocacy talked about the growing need for point of care expansion to benefit patients, providers, and brands alike. We’ve narrowed in on top takeaways for you from the best marketing and healthcare industry leaders. Get the year's best quotes, links, highlights, and tips to help increase impact for 2025 and beyond.
August 15, 2023
POCMA is excited to share this inspirational POC video that was a result of a member partnership and a great idea.
POCMA intends to develop, promulgate, and publish voluntary consensus standards for POC media advertising similar to the IAB Standard Ts&Cs. The Standard Terms and Conditions for Point of Care Media Advertising (POC Standard Ts&Cs) would set out reasonable and acceptable provisions that media companies and agencies servicing the POC market may use to make their own contract negotiations more efficient. POCMA is currently seeking feedback from industry stakeholders, including advertising agencies and media companies.
Audited and certified platforms benefit marketers especially given the challenges with transparency that exist in the marketplace. The certification process established by the Point of Care Marketing Association increases credibility among those who work in Point of Care.
Our organization has evolved over the last six months. We’ve modified our mission statement, developed a vision statement, and changed our name and logo.
Like it or not, big changes are coming to the way marketers can use third-party cookies online. And while a shift away from these cookie...
Everyone stay safe and healthy and look out for our communities and vulnerable populations
Karen Newmark, Executive Director of the Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3), sits down with Mark Boidman, Head of Media & Tech Services at PJ Solomon to get his perspective...
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    Kelly Cunha Pokorny

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