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Members of The Point of Care Marketing Association benefit from the collaborative efforts of major industry participants to advocate for the POC channel.

We have three membership types:

General Member

Organizations or corporations which operate a Point of Care product and/or service offering in a healthcare setting.

• Entitled to 1 Board seat

Associate Member

Organizations and corporations engaged in the Point of Care space, that may or may not operate their own Point of Care product and/or service offering in a healthcare setting

The Board of Directors shall elect four (4) Associate Members to serve on the Board of Directors, who shall hold office for a two-year period:

• One (1) Auditing company
• One (1) Research/Consulting company
• Two (2) Media agencies

Reciprocal Member

Designated for other trade associations, non-profit organizations, or coalitions that have mutual interest in the Point of Care healthcare arena.

Reciprocal Members shall not have the right to vote and shall not be considered “members” within the meaning of Section 29-401.02(24)(a) of the Act.

In addition to meeting one of the three membership categories, Point of Care Marketing Association members must

1. Agree to abide by the Point of Care Marketing Association Bylaws, Mission Statement, Ethics Policy, Antitrust Policy, and other applicable policies adopted by the Board of Directors from time to time;

2. Agree to maintain compliance with all applicable governmental laws and regulations; and

3. Not be subject to a federal or state criminal indictment, investigation or other related action by a federal or state agency regarding the member company or its current employees involving allegations of fraud, deception, or crimes of moral turpitude that may affect the reputation of the Association.

The Benefits of Membership



  • Promote member content via POCMA’s social media properties and marketing communication sources

  • Promote affiliation with POCMA and certification seal



  • Serve as a Board Member (General members) 
  • Eligible to be elected Board Members (Associate members)
  • Join forces to produce industry whitepapers and 3rd party research



  • Influence the focus and strategic growth of POC through a collaborative effort across major industry participants via participation in POCMA’s committees


Member Savings

  • Discounted rates to exclusive member-only POCMA events 
  • Discounted rates for POCMA’s Verification and Validation Certification



  • Access to POCMA educational materials
  • Access to the POCMA Industry Advisory Council

Steps to becoming a Point of Care Marketing Association Member


Apply using the form below


Get approved by POCMA’s Board of Directors


Pay membership fee, based on organization category


Complete POCMA’s membership agreement


Renew annually

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