Meet our Members

Our growing and diverse member base consists of industry leaders of organizations or corporations that operate a Point of Care product and/or service in a healthcare setting, or engage in the Point of Care media space.
The Alliance for Audited Media is a leader in digital and print media verification with expertise across web, mobile, print and point-of-care platforms. AAM helps establish trust between point-of-care media companies and advertisers by providing cost-effective, impartial assessments of their marketing ecosystems and by working with leaders to set standards and best practices that bring greater transparency to the industry.
The Alliance for Audited Media is proud to be a member of POCMA and work with other members to develop standards that provide greater transparency and assurance to the entire industry.
Ken Shultz

Senior Vice President of Audit Services
Alliance for Audited Media

The BPA iCompli Technology Assurance division of BPA Worldwide provides independent verification services for publishers, buyers, technology platforms (supply-side and demand-side), digital exchanges, and measurement companies looking to validate their compliance to generally accepted industry guidelines for digital ad measurement, digital inventory quality, brand safety controls, anti-fraud controls, anti-malware controls, and anti-piracy controls. BPA iCompli is an approved certification provider for The Point of Care Marketing Association’s Verification & Validation Guidelines.

The Point of Care Marketing Association has done an excellent job in advocating for guidelines in the point-of-care advertising space. We value their collaborative approach to patient care and look forward to contributing to the organization and helping build upon these guidelines that will improve the overall patient experience.
Richard Murphy
EVP, BPA Worldwide

CheckedUp is a physician founded digital patient education company that actively engages patients, caregivers, and physicians at the Point of Care. The Company is the nation’s largest 100% digital, specialty focused point of care network with a national footprint.

POCMA has created a nexus of industry thought leaders — inclusive of leading agencies and brands to influence the future of the point of care marketing channel. We are proud of our participation in this important trade organization and excited to be a contributor to the future of the point of care channel.
Dr. Richard Awdeh
Co-Chair POCMA, CEO CheckedUp

At ConnectiveRx we take the pain out of the prescription process. Using innovation and human empathy we cut through red tape for patients and create access to medications—taking a process that can be expensive and difficult for them and making it as painless as possible. We give pharma manufacturers the benefit of one single partner to connect patients with prescribed medications through hub and support services, point of care affordability and copay programs, and awareness + adherence solutions. The result? Happier patients with a stronger personal connection to their medication brand. Hundreds of pharma companies and 530+ drug brands rely on our results.

Only in associations can we all help the tide to rise so everyone wins. Collective thinking to find solutions in true partnership with my industry peers is my motivation to dedicate my time to POCMA. We want to create a trusted third party that can offer guidance and be a light in all the noise.

Laura Blair

SVP Business Development , ConnectiveRx

Constant Media is a leading provider of Point of Care media. Our cutting edge patient education tools enhance the patient/provider dialogue and have proven successful in improving health outcomes and driving strong ROI results for pharma brands.

As a long term member of POCMA, I feel it is important to further the channel, and believe in the mission of improving the dialogue between patients and providers, thereby increasing health literacy and improving health outcomes.
Wills Robbins

CEO / Founder,
Constant Media

Coverwrap Communications® is a leading provider of point of care magazine coverwrap® and condition guide advertising — reaching targeted audiences for leading ad agencies and pharmaceutical advertisers. While partnering with the world’s leading and most trusted content providers, we’re there for critical audiences as they search for information and options to treat their conditions.
With rapid growth in the Point of Care channel, the need for a trade association to protect all stakeholders, is a must. POCMA is doing its part to standardize auditing, measurement, reporting, and more, for all relevant POC platforms. POCMA is creating an environment of trust and transparency. Our membership is an important investment to protect the channel’s future and its ability to advance healthcare and better health outcomes.
David M. Kenyon
President – Coverwrap Communications

Doceree is the first global network of HCP-only platforms for programmatic messaging. Founded in 2019 by eminent healthcare marketing professionals, Doceree aims to address the problem of rising cost of healthcare by bringing efficiency and effectiveness to healthcare professional engagement (HCP) by using data and creativity in healthcare marketing.

The platform seamlessly connects pharma brands and digital platforms and allows products and services of the former to be marketed to HCPs on the latter. With offices in the US, UK & Europe and in the emerging markets, Doceree is the only company in the HCP marketing space to be present at multiple global geographies. Powered by its proprietary AI engine- ESPYIANTM, Doceree precision targets over 2 million HCPs across the US, Europe and UK and emerging markets. The platform’s AI algorithm can understand behavior of clinicians, enabling pharma brands to target them in a streamlined manner based on their specialty and demography. 


Doceree is excited to partner with POCMA and bring standardization to HCP messaging on point-of-care channels. We will utilize the collaboration to educate marketers around industry best practices and tactics for meaningful communication campaigns. The partnership also provides us the opportunity to equip platforms on making the most of messaging from life sciences organizations to improve patient outcomes. We look forward to working cohesively with other members to evolve the POC ecosystem, bringing transparency and effectiveness to POC messaging.  

Harshit Jain MD

Founder & Global CEO, Doceree

Havas Media Group (HMG) is the media experience agency. HMG delivers this brand promise through the Mx System, where meaningful media helps build more meaningful brands. HMG is part of the Havas Group, owned by Vivendi, one of the world’s largest integrated content, media, and communications groups. HMG also consists of two global media networks: Havas Media and Arena Media. The media experience agencies are home to more than 10,000 specialists across 150 countries worldwide, with 62 Villages. Global clients include Hyundai Kia, Puma, TripAdvisor, Michelin, Telefónica, Swarovski, Reckitt Benckiser, among many others.
POC advertising has proven itself to be very educational and has played a critical role throughout the pandemic. It’s important that Havas Media has a finger on the pulse of the current POC environment and we’re thrilled to partner with POCMA to have a hand in shaping the vision for how we can move the industry forward.
Shane Ankeney
President, Havas Health Media, North America
We are a Targeted Healthcare Marketing Platform. Health Monitor Network is a nationally recognized targeted healthcare marketing platform for the Pharma/OTC industry. Health Monitor has the largest proprietary physician office network in the industry, with over 200,000 offices and more than 400,000 healthcare professionals engaging with our digital and print educational products. For almost 40 years, our brand has been trusted to deliver high value content at all points of care for patients and physicians providing powerful brand growth and better outcomes for patients. Together we build brands and empower patients.
Our membership in the POCMA is about a commitment to education – ensuring agency and brand partners understand all the points-of-care we can deliver messaging; ensuring we are transparent in our reporting and measurement; and ensuring we share the innovative ways we are reaching patients to help drive better outcomes.
David Paragamian
CEO, Health Monitor Network
Launched in 2007, Health Media Network (HMN) is a leading and trusted digital point of care media company. HMN provides targeted health education in physician waiting rooms and hospital systems to advance consumer health literacy and facilitate better doctor/patient conversations.
POCMA membership has never been more important. At Health Media Network, we are seeing a tremendous amount of unity and collaboration across the industry. At the core, deeper connections and new found leadership at POCMA are making a huge difference. Together we are tackling the issues that will help us all to grow. This includes, unified measurement, better communication, and a concerted effort towards meaningful client outreach and interaction.
Joe Petrosino
CRO, Health Media Network

InStep Health is the most advanced healthcare communications network, delivering vital information at key moments of the healthcare journey to patients and providers everywhere. We offer pharmaceutical, OTC, and other healthcare marketers a fully integrated messaging platform that combines the power of tactile and digital media activation with access to over 250k HCPs, working in over 177k offices, and exclusive programs in 26k+ pharmacy locations nationwide.     

At InStep Health we provide a full gamut of marketing services to Rx, OTC, and CPG clients. As the leader of this company, I can tell you that each of our employees share a deep understanding of the importance of validating results for every program we execute. With POCMA, I’m excited to collaborate with industry executives and thought leaders to help define standards and measurement practices for the point of care.
Nathan Lucht
President and Chief Executive Officer of InStep Health

MedFuse is a healthcare data technology company creating value for client-partners by combining one of the most complete real-world healthcare databases with a modern technology platform and tools. MedFuse is led by industry veterans who have been delivering claims data solutions for over 40 years.  MedFuse  leverages a rich data resources to reduce costs, increase revenue and contribute to population health. 

POC is a powerful channel, providing brand and health education to patients and physicians. We’re eager to partner with POCMA members to help reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and contribute to population health by leveraging pharmacy and medical claims.

Eric Talbot

Chief Strategy Officer, MedFuse

Mesmerize is a prominent media company specializing in patient education at the point of care. Mesmerize provides educational resources including digital and static wallboards, literature distribution, and branded medical essentials to patients and caregivers in waiting rooms, exam rooms, and other high traffic areas of doctors’ offices, community-based organizations, AIDS service organizations, and independent and chain pharmacies. Mesmerize’s telehealth solution also offers brands the ability to connect with patients receiving care virtually.
Growing the overall Point of Care channel and raising the level of accountability among the POC industry is of utmost importance to Mesmerize. POCMA encourages Mesmerize to collaborate with our peers to effectively drive growth for the channel by defining and implementing industry best practices and engendering trust among those who transact at the point of care.
Craig Mait

Mesmerize President & Chief Revenue Officer

PatientPoint® is the patient engagement platform for every point of care. Our innovative, tech-enabled solutions create more effective doctor-patient interactions and deliver high value for patients, providers and healthcare sponsors. Through our nearly 140k unique healthcare provider relationships, PatientPoint’s solutions impact roughly 750 million patient visits each year, further advancing our mission of making every doctor-patient engagement better®. Learn more at

I am most excited to partner with other leaders in the point of care industry to drive further collaboration and awareness of a channel that has long been proven and trusted to deliver superior value to our brand partners.

Linda Ruschau

Chief Client Officer, PatientPoint

Phreesia empowers life sciences companies to connect meaningfully with clinically relevant patients, delivering targeted health content in a one-to-one setting. Our PatientConnect offering identifies and motivates the right patients to initiate meaningful brand conversations, and our PatientInsights product enables our clients to better understand their target patient populations. Phreesia meets patients where they are, both virtually and in-person, and reaches them at multiple touchpoints throughout their healthcare journey.
Being part of POCMA not only helps establish trust with advertisers and brings our clients peace of mind, but it also provides a platform and community to more broadly advocate for the importance of engaging and activating patients to participate in health care decision-making.
David Linetsky
PHM is the market-leading healthcare media agency in the US, providing unmatched HCP & DTC health and pharmaceutical expertise, innovation and buying clout. As health media specialists, we continually reimagine the health experience, channeling our passion into marketing solutions that help our clients and brands navigate the complexity of the modern healthcare landscape. Situated at the intersection of the No. 1 global healthcare network and the No. 1 U.S. media collective, we deliver unparalleled innovation and outcomes in the health and wellness industry.
We look forward to partnering with the POCMA to continue growing and advancing the Point of Care channel. At PHM, our internal workstreams align to the efforts and workstreams of the POCMA. Joining forces with this association will help move our industry forward.
Sarah Bast
SVP Point of Care Lead, PHM

For over 35 years, Physician’s Weekly has provided trusted medical news and information to healthcare professionals in hospitals and group practices. Our omni-channel approach allows for unique & impactful targeted marketing opportunities to physicians and patients that deliver proven results.

Physician’s Weekly has built its reputation as a valuable source of medical information for physicians and their staff. Our brand is recognized and trusted by the entire medical team at the point of care — and we continue to expand to meet the needs of DTC marketing initiatives. Physician’s Weekly appreciates the efforts of POC Marketing Association to acknowledge the distinct “arteries” comprising POC marketing, which make it the vital channel that it is.

Greg Jackson


POPULUS MEDIA provides pharmaceutical brands and their agencies with the most targeted way to reach a captive audience as they wait for their scheduled or on-demand virtual doctors’ visits and guarantee ROI by delivering patient acquisition and verified prescriptions​.

Populus is excited to be part of an organization who is recognizing the changing landscape of where patients are receiving care

Ray Rotolo

Chief Growth Officer

Primary Care Notebook is a digital, point-of-care, diagnostic and treatment tool that provides support to PCPs, primarily during patient consultations. Comprising 40,000 pages of clinically indexed information, Primary Care Notebook gives clinicians easy access to bite-sized relevant extracts of international guidance, through use of key word searches or a series of filters within its clinical chapters.  Developed with algorithms that ‘think’ as a PCP would, Primary Care Notebook quickly supports the clinician in-consultations where they are looking for added re-assurance in their diagnosis and treatment plan, or in cases of managing a patient with a condition they are less familiar with.  Healthcare marketers leverage this specific opportunity to drive switch campaigns, or to increase diagnostic and referral rates.

Being a member of the POCMA helps us perpetuate and advance the foundation of ethics and integrity essential to healthcare marketers. Contributing to the growth of the POC Channel aligns with our goal to advance patient care while delivering value to our supporters.

Peter Payerli

Vice President, Primary Care Notebook

Rapport is a global out-of-home media agency with a deep understanding of digital, data, production and emerging technologies. We have expanded our offering to clients within the healthcare space by providing a holistic approach to the journey of care – marrying data, technology and innovation in the office, at home and beyond. Rapport Health is prioritizing efficiency and accountability while delivering scale in and outside the point of care by leaning in to a multi-touch solution.
This opportunity gives agencies a seat at the table and ensures all facets of the business are being properly represented.
Laura Brandes
Group Director, Rapport
Remedy Health Media is a leading health information platform that serves communities of patients, care partners and healthcare providers through a diverse portfolio of trusted and pioneering brands that cover a wide variety of conditions and exist to remove barriers to better health.
To collaborate with fellow POCMA members to shape, strengthen and raise the visibility of the Point of Care landscape to align with the goals of pharma marketers with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.
Don Vergara
Remedy Health Media
Targeted Media Health (TMH) is powered by Meredith, one of America’s largest media companies. TMH provides comprehensive point-of-care solutions including precise audience targeting, quality editorial environments, and 25+ years of measurable brand lift for our advertising partners. We find the intersection between patients and pharma brands to deliver success. No one else has the tools, content, relationships, and trust that Meredith and TMH can deliver.
Targeted Media Health is proud to be a member of POCMA and to be a leader in advocating for POC as an effective marketing channel. Our ability to collaborate with key industry stakeholders and ensure the strength of POC overall is essential to our vision.
John Kenyon

SVP Managing Director

The cure for complex communication.

We simplify complicated products and technologies to create content that educates, reassures and empowers patients and healthcare professionals. The result is more meaningful conversations that are proven to drive patient engagement, doctor recommendations and healthier outcomes.


Uniting medical messaging with consumer marketing.

Based on 20+ years of partnering with the largest brands in the world, U360 Medical brings a unique perspective on the art and science of creative content in the medical arena.


A different kind of team.

A curiously nerdy, medically minded bunch of scientists, strategists, creatives, and video experts who create gold-standard communication.

We believe custom point-of-care content increases engagement and leads to better outcomes for patients, providers, and brands. Please reach out to learn how we can support your content needs. 

Kev Ungi

VP Product Communication Strategy, U360 Medical

Veradigm is a healthcare technology company that drives value through its unique combination of platforms, data, expertise, connectivity, and scale. Some healthcare technology companies deliver clinical data for biopharma and health plans, some help turn that data into insights, others serve healthcare providers directly by providing point-of-care clinical software and patient outreach platforms. Veradigm does it all.

At Veradigm, we share in POCMA’s goal of raising healthcare providers’ awareness through innovative point of care marketing channels. With our membership, we look forward to contributing to the establishment of industry best practices and building connections with other point-of-care industry leaders and influencers.

Stuart Green

Senior Vice President & General Manager

WebMD Point of Care in-office and in-hospital solutions reach over 500,000 HCPs across 300,000+ doctors’ offices and 2,000 hospitals to meet the needs of patients at every stage of their healthcare journey. WebMD’s platforms support physicians, hospitals, and healthcare organizations in elevating patient-centric interactions to reach and engage qualified patients, improving outcomes and driving growth. 

As a forum for Point of Care and industry thought leaders to convene and collaborate, POCMA fosters both innovation and problem solving to drive growth of the channel. From hospitals and doctors’ offices to pharmacies and digital point of care, POCMA includes the entire care continuum at every setting patients are receiving care. This breadth in focus is important because it supports both the evolving point of care landscape and the way our industry partners view opportunities in this space.

Nicole Stratford

Vice President Point of Care and Consumer Health, WebMD Provider Services

At ZS we like solving complex problems—taking things apart, seeing how they work and putting them back together better. We lead the way in combining science and hands-on experience to solve the toughest business challenges. For more than 35 years, we’ve learned from each success, and we apply our passion to help customers win and grow. We are pleased to be a part of the Point of Care Marketing Association because it aligns with our commitment to excellence in patient marketing and support. We help our clients better understand patients, their journey, their needs and work to develop products and solutions that improve the patient experience – to help our clients and the patients they serve thrive.
The Point of Care is a critical environment for patient education and information.  Being a part of POCMA represents our commitment to the continued quality of information and experiences to support patients as they consider treatment options and learn about their health.
Victoria Summers
Principal, ZS