The Point of Care Marketing Association has five active committees that provide recommendations to the Board of Directors. Each committee has its own objectives and utilizes the combined resources of its members.

Measurement & Research

  • Joseph Hardin, AAM
  • Jim Decker, CheckedUp
  • Joe Petrosino, CheckedUp
  • Fahim Ahmed, CMI
  • Maggy Warda, Communimed
  • Robin Day, Communimed
  • Joanne Biscardi, ConnectiveRx (Chair)
  • Laura Blair, ConnectiveRx
  • Tom Shea, Doceree
  • Frank Biscardi, Havas
  • Cate Evans, Havas
  • Steve Blahut, PhD, Health Monitor Network
  • Rob Blazek, InStep Health
  • Eric Talbot, MedFuse
  • Dan Melamed, Mesmerize
  • Derek Mirdala, Mesmerize
  • Melanie Spurrier, PatientPoint
  • Lyndon Chin, PHM
  • Brittany Wiener, PHM
  • Robert Capuano, PHM
  • Amy Patel, Phreesia
  • Krista Turpin, Physician’s Weekly
  • Joe Marziani, Physician’s Weekly
  • Diana Justus, Physician’s Weekly
  • Lee Daniels, Populus
  • Ray Arguello, Targeted Media Health 
  • Ashley Wauters-Hedeen, WebMD
  • Andrew Werts, ZS
  • Victoria Summers, ZS

Marketing Communication

  • Erin Boudreau, AAM
  • Dan Schneider, AAM
  • Jim Decker, CheckedUp
  • Laura Blair, ConnectiveRx (Chair)
  • Kim Marich, ConnectiveRx
  • Chris Dowd, ConnectiveRx
  • Kamya Elawadhi, Doceree
  • Renee Martin, HealthCentral Corporation
  • Donna Barker, Health Monitor Network
  • Mark Goethals, InStep Health
  • Rachel Westhoff, PatientPoint
  • Yesenia Bautista, PHM
  • Anthony Morales, PHM
  • Kathryn Distler, PHM
  • Luke Szews, PHM
  • Sarah DeCristofaro, Phreesia
  • Danielle Lynch, Phreesia
  • Christy Tetterton, Physician’s Weekly
  • Laura Brandes, Rapport
  • Dan Rubin, Targeted Media Health
  • Damon Basch, Veradigm
  • Nicole Stratford, WebMD

Verification & Validation

  • Ken Shultz, AAM
  • Steve Guenther, AAM
  • Katrina Eddy, AAM
  • Richard Murphy, AAM
  • Carlo DiMarco, CheckedUp
  • Jim Decker, CheckedUp (Chair)
  • Christine Mormile, CMI
  • Robin Day, Communimed
  • Maria O’Mara, ConnectiveRx
  • Lisa Prowker, ConnectiveRx
  • Patricia O’Malley, Constant Media
  • Matt Botkin, Doceree
  • Taylor Wexler, Havas
  • Dan Tassone, Health Monitor Network
  • Carrie Heisen, InStep  Health
  • Becky Rodriguez, Mesmerize
  • Charlie Greenberg, PatientPoint
  • Alex Barrett, PHM
  • Chiarina Garavuso, PHM
  • Amy Patel, Phreesia
  • Diana Justus, Physician’s Weekly
  • Greg Jackson, Physician’s Weekly
  • Howard Seidman, Populus
  • Julianna Haase, Rapport
  • Ray Arguello, Targeted Media Health
  • Steve Thomas, Veradigm
  • Nicole Stratford, WebMD


  • Carlo DiMarco, CheckedUp (Chair)
  • Dave Kevoian, CheckedUp
  • Joanne Biscardi, ConnectiveRx
  • Chris Dowd, ConnectiveRx
  • Harshit Jain, Doceree
  • Maria Lissandrello, Health Monitor Network
  • Mark Goethals, InStep Health
  • Dan Wilmer, InStep Health
  • Rob Blazek, InStep Health
  • Jason Lotkowictz, InStep Health
  • Ian Stone, Mesmerize
  • Elissa Guerra, PatientPoint
  • Mike Krohn, PatientPoint
  • Katie Connolly, PatientPoint
  • Stephanie Webb, PatientPoint
  • Jason Celestino, Phreesia
  • Ron Balasco, Physician’s Weekly
  • David Wayne, Physician’s Weekly
  • Claudia Fern, Physician’s Weekly
  • Nancy Greenwald, Physician’s Weekly
  • Yasmeen Afzal, Populus
  • Peter Payerli, Primary Care Notebook
  • Julianna Haase, Rapport
  • Dan Rubin, Targeted Media Health 
  • Jen McDonald, Targeted Media Health  
  • Patria Rodriguez, WebMD


  • Ken Shultz, AAM
  • Wills Robbins, Constant Media
  • Dave Paragamian, Health Monitor Network (Chair)
  • Craig Mait, Mesmerize
  • Linda Ruschau, PatientPoint
  • Sarah Bast, PHM
  • David Linetsky, Phreesia
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    We are excited to collaborate with the POCMA and accelerate Point of Care education, marketing, communications and innovation to provide patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals with credible, equitable health solutions so everyone, everywhere, can live longer, healthier lives.

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