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Learn to leverage point of care marketing to effectively engage patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers at every care point.

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Convenient 5-8 minute sessions build POC marketing skills quickly.

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High-impact curricula designed by industry experts prepares strategic marketers for POC excellence.

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Ideally suited to healthcare pros seeking optimal engagement & communication efficacy in crucial healthcare moments.

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Shareable certifications showcase POC mastery by passing tests at the completion of each course.

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Point of Care Curriculum

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POC 101

Learn about the significance of Point of Care marketing, covering key terms, media tactics, and evaluation methods.

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Investing in POC Marketing

Explore the reasons for investing in Point of Care media and its effectiveness in engaging target audiences during crucial decision-making moments.


The POC Audience

Explore the demographics of the Point of Care audience and their receptivity to POC media solutions.

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The POC Landscape

Discover Point of Care marketing’s diverse landscape, showcasing tailored media to reach patients throughout their healthcare journey.


POC Marketing Strategies

Highlight the opportunities to message HCPs, including the office support staff, NP’s and PA’s at the POC.


List Matching 101

Learn about the list matching process including detailed instructions for successful matching.

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Non-Endemic Advertising in POC

Discover the effectiveness of POC marketing beyond pharmaceutical brands due to its targeted approach and trusted environment.

Patient Journey

The Patient Journey

Explore the expansive world of point of care beyond the doctor’s office through Maria’s journey. Discover how these touchpoints educate, reinforce, and personalize patient care along every step of the way.

planning tactics

Planning, Contracting, and Auditing

Explore tailored strategies for engaging with media partners and ensuring campaign success through effective planning, contracting and auditing best practices.

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Engaging Patients with Digital POC

Discover the impact of digital strategies on patient engagement within the point of care setting. Uncover how these solutions empower individuals throughout their healthcare journey, alongside insights into executing effective digital point of care campaigns.


Engaging Patients with Static POC

Examine the benefits of utilizing static media in point of care campaigns to engage patients effectively. Gain insights into the advantages of static media, explore diverse tactics, and discover best practices for seamlessly integrating static media into your campaigns.

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Engaging HCPs at the POC

Explore the vital role of reaching healthcare professionals (HCPs) directly within the point of care setting. This session encompasses educating HCPs, exploring engagement strategies, and seamlessly integrating HCP-focused point of care media into comprehensive plans. 


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