Welcome to the Point of Care Academy

The Academy program is your educational source on all aspects of the Point of Care channel.

Education is vital to our mission and developing this Academy delivers on this goal. 

Deepen your understanding of the Point of Care channel

Our educational videos are designed to give anyone working in the POC industry a solid understanding of how to plan, buy, execute, and measure POC media.

Our curriculum will provide:

• Content curated by industry experts, backed by decades of combined experience.

• Short educational videos featuring content on dedicated topics without sacrificing important details.

Is the POCMA Academy right for you?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, register for the Point of Care Academy today!

The Point of Care Academy is a must for anyone working in healthcare marketing and will:

• Provide an overview of a critical media channel to reach patients and HCPs

• Arm you with additional resources to demonstrate the value of the POC channel

• Provide new information and tips on how to navigate the POC channel

Want to learn more about the Point of Care Academy?

Check out our Introductory video to learn more about what you can expect

Level one of the Academy consists of 7 courses

An Introduction to Point of Care

Course 1

Point of Care 101


Course 2

Investing in POC Marketing


Course 3

The POC Audience


Course 4

The POC Landscape


Course 5

POC Marketing Strategies


Course 6

List Matching 101


Course 7

Non-Endemic Advertising in POC


All seven courses are available to registered users. With proper interest from the industry, we intend to continue the Academy and go deeper into POC topics in future courses.

Convinced yet?

Here are 3 more reasons to enroll in POC Academy:

  1. Registration includes unlimited access to POC Academy, including courses released in the future.
  2. The courses are short and most can be viewed in approximately 5 minutes!
  3. Each person who completes a course will receive recognition. Badges will be issued upon completion of each course, and when you complete a level, you’ll receive a POC Academy certificate.

Getting started is easy!


All POCMA members get unlimited access. Please request the access code from the president.


Non-members can access the content for a fee. All fees include unlimited access to the Point of Care Academy.

Single license: $495
Unlimited license: $2,500

If a company is interested in becoming a member and is approved by POCMA, the Academy fee will be applied to their membership dues for the first year. The benefits of becoming a member extend beyond access to the Academy. As a member, your company can:

• Participate in critical discussions impacting the industry providing input on strategic initiatives

• Partner with POCMA on thought leadership opportunities

• Potentially serve on the board of directors based on eligibility

• Attend and participate in POCMA exclusive industry events

Are you ready to become a POC Certified Specialist?
Register today to access our courses.

The Point of Care Marketing Association, or POCMA, supports the growth of the POC channel through education and advocacy so, ultimately, patients experience better healthcare outcomes.

POCMA’s three main objectives are to create awareness of the Point of Care channel, to educate the industry on the value it delivers, and to promote transparency and credibility through our auditing and credentialing programs.

Through this series of courses, you will gain a foundational understanding of the channel, plus a small taste of what’s to come in future sections.

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    We are excited to collaborate with the POCMA and accelerate Point of Care education, marketing, communications and innovation to provide patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals with credible, equitable health solutions so everyone, everywhere, can live longer, healthier lives.

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