The POC Value Proposition

Point of Care marketing is a multi-channel, targeted solution that delivers messaging at the critical point in the  healthcare journey. The POC channel provides effective solutions at the closest point to the doctor and patient conversation.

Reaches a highly targeted and captive audience

  • Various targeting solutions, including prescription data
  • Patients wait on average 26 minutes before seeing their doctor

Source: COVID’s Latest Impact on Patient Traffic and Wait Times, PatientPoint January 2022

Delivers messaging in a trusted environment

  • 85% of Americans rate nurses as having high levels of honesty and ethics
  • 65% say waiting room materials are among the most credible sources of healthcare information
  • 68% of adults value information in the doctor office

Source: The Evolution of Point-of-Care Marketing in Pharma – ZS Associates, 2017; Kantar Media 2015/2016 MARS Consumer Health Study; 2019 Professional Honesty and Ethics Standards by Gallup

Creates awareness about health information

  • 87% of patients and caregivers noticed TV content at hospitals
  • 55% intended to become more proactive in managing their health after seeing messaging at hospital

Source: ZS Study, Point of Care Marketing: An industry in Transition

Drives action after POC exposure

  • 68% asked for a prescription for a specific medication
  • 84% more likely to ask their doctor about an ad they saw

Source: ZS The Evolution of POC Marketing in Pharma, 2017

Increases effectiveness when used with other media channels

  • The impact from exposure on multiple channels including POC, was more effective than the media channel running alone

Source: Multi-Channel Measurement Study, Crossix 2018

The Essential Guide to Point of Care

Point of Care (POC) is effective the moment the patient receives care in a healthcare setting via their healthcare provider. So why is it so important? POC strategies are vital to creating a new way to facilitate healthcare interactions between patient and provider, in order to uniquely resonate with each patient at each point of care setting. Engaging at these crucial interactions, POC marketing is effective in enhancing the healthcare experience. Explore how to elevate your healthcare efforts by adding Point of Care media to your strategy. Download now!

The FDA's CCN Rule: Clear, Conspicuous, and Neutral

We’ve created a comprehensive guide that explains:

  • What the CCN Rule is and why it’s important
  • What types of ads the CCN Rule applies to (and doesn’t apply to)
  • The 5 standards for the presentation of the CCN Major Statement
  • When ads need to comply with the CCN Rule
  • Where to find more information from the FDA

The guide also includes clear examples of different types of drug ads and how they should comply with the CCN Rule.

Common Creative Specifications

This document presents a comprehensive set of common creative specifications established by POCMA members. These standardized specifications are intended to streamline the creative development and approval process for advertisers. This collaborative effort was aimed to enhance efficiency, reduce complexities, and facilitate seamless communication among stakeholders in the industry.

Glossary of Terms

The following are definitions for most of the common terminology used in the POC space and are the definitions to be used within all Point of Care Marketing Association auditing requirements.
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