Presented by U360 Medical

Webinar: January 26, 2023

In this practical, example packed webinar, participants will: 

Understand how to create customized POC content that drives doctor recommendations.

Examine the art of blending science with simplicity to drive better understanding and outcomes.

Review industry expert opinions on the value of customized POC content. 

The cure for complex communication.

We simplify complicated products and technologies to create content that educates, reassures, and empowers patients. The result is more meaningful doctor/patient conversations that are proven to drive sales.


Uniting medical marketing with patient thinking.

Based on 20+ years of partnering with the largest brands in the world, U360 Medical brings a unique perspective on the art and science of creative content in the medical arena.


A different kind of team.

A curiously nerdy, medically minded bunch of scientists, strategists, creatives, and video experts who create gold-standard communication.

Our Speakers

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    We are excited to collaborate with the POCMA and accelerate Point of Care education, marketing, communications and innovation to provide patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals with credible, equitable health solutions so everyone, everywhere, can live longer, healthier lives.

    Kelly Cunha Pokorny

    National Director, Brand Marketing