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POCMA intends to develop, promulgate, and publish voluntary consensus standards for POC media advertising similar to the IAB Standard Ts&Cs. The Standard Terms and Conditions for Point of Care Media Advertising (POC Standard Ts&Cs) would set out reasonable and acceptable provisions that media companies and agencies servicing the POC market may use to make their own contract negotiations more efficient. POCMA is currently seeking feedback from industry stakeholders, including advertising agencies and media companies.


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The Year in Review

There was much uncertainty at the beginning of the year as the industry continued to evaluate the impact of COVID.

As we look back over the last year, I am pleased to report that 2021 brought improvements at the Points of Care. In addition, the Point of Care Marketing Association has made significant changes that demonstrate our commitment to growing and advancing the Point of Care channel. We have some big news to share after the new year so please stay tuned for more updates.

Please view our 2021 Year in Review recap above or read the transcript.

Thank you to all that are working hard to make Point of Care marketing a truly unique and effective channel!

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As we strive to make a difference in the Point of Care channel, it is important we understand what the industry is doing well and what the areas of improvement are. It is critical for us to have this information so we can provide recommendations that make a difference. Please complete this survey and we’ll monitor our progress in the coming months.

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