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August 15, 2023
POCMA is excited to share this inspirational POC video that was a result of a member partnership and a great idea.
Point of care marketing strategies can boost patient access to treatments. Learn about aligning messaging to optimize patient access, leveraging diverse tactics across care settings, and addressing affordability concerns. Explore how to improve healthcare outcomes and pharmaceutical success.
Explore the facts of the health literacy gap and strategies to improve patient engagement. Learn about the challenges in healthcare communication, the importance of simplifying medical language, and effective marketing tactics to enhance patient understanding and participation in their health journey. Get tips to create accessible, relevant, and actionable health information for better patient outcomes.
Upgrade your healthcare marketing mastery with the online Point of Care Academy. Gain practical skills and insider knowledge to elevate your strategy and reach patients and providers in critical moments and trusted spaces. Flexible, expert-led courses for all levels. Get the details here!
Revolutionize medication adherence with the power of point of care (POC) marketing. Discover how healthcare marketers can create a cohesive, patient-centered approach to address the barriers to adherence. Learn about innovative POC tools and tactics that empower patients, connect care teams, and drive better health outcomes.
Discover how point of care (POC) marketing can effectively address medication nonadherence by understanding patient barriers and developing targeted strategies. Learn about intentional and unintentional nonadherence, the role of affordability, and how POC engagement can help. Explore strategic healthcare marketing tactics to improve patient outcomes and drive positive change. Find out how integrating POC marketing can lighten patient and HCP burdens, remove adherence barriers, and increase ROI.
INFOGRAPHIC on Black Healthcare Disparity. Even accounting for age, sex, and insurance, the American Healthcare Gap seems to be widening. Get the facts to better understand the challenges for Black Americans and our healthcare system.
Take action this PRIDE. Get the facts on LGBTQIA+ healthcare disparities and discrimination and how healthcare marketers can drive change and make a more inclusive healthcare system by better LGBTQIA+ engagement.
For healthcare marketers, pharmacy point of care marketing presents a strategic opportunity as patients increasing turn to pharmacies for care, Rx guidance, and services. Pharmacies offer a convenient and trusted environment to engage patients directly, potentially influencing Rx adherence, reporting on patient barriers, and the improvement of treatment outcomes.
May 16, 2024
Phreesia survey data shows that patients have enduring positive sentiment around telehealth appointments, as the medium continues to transform the point of care.
Television is losing its grip as viewers tune out to television advertising. Fragmented platforms and limited ad space aren't leaving much hope for streaming services to make up for healthcare marketing losses. With high ROI and ever-growing targeting and tech, point of care (POC) media is poised to be the future of healthcare marketing that can meet modern healthcare consumers more effectively.
Custom POC creative is a powerful driver of effectiveness for helathcare marketing. Grace Rodriquez of UCB gives powerful advice to healthcare marketers on why custom POC creative is vital to reaching patients at critical moments. Discover top strategic insights and approaches coming from Industry Leaders and point of care research.
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    We are excited to collaborate with the POCMA and accelerate Point of Care education, marketing, communications and innovation to provide patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals with credible, equitable health solutions so everyone, everywhere, can live longer, healthier lives.

    Kelly Cunha Pokorny

    National Director, Brand Marketing