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What is the POC NOW Summit?

The annual POC NOW Summit brings together top voices from across healthcare spectrum to inform, empower, and drive innovation in point of care marketing. Our mission is to enhance this crucial channel, creating better engagement and stronger outcomes. 

Bill Ventre, Deerfield Agency, speaks on the importance of Point of Care (POC) Marketing

“What differentiates the POC channel from any other tactics we do from an omnichannel perspective is that it happens in the most sacred space in our industry.”

— Bill Veltre, Deerfield Agency

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  • Patient journeys are non-linear and marked by fluctuating receptivity to messaging
  • HCPs need more support in patient and caregiver enablement
  • Brands and healthcare marketers have opportunities to better meet patients with direct messaging that is tailored to the care journey and context

Jennifer Glynn
VP of Marketing, Kandu Health
Kirsten Carroll, MBA, MPH
CEO, Kandu Health
Elizabeth Harness Richardson
Principal, Founder, Mog & Springer Communications

  • The pharmacy vertical is evolving, expanding its role as a POC
  • Pharmacy plays a pivotal role in driving patient behavior, including adoption and adherence
  • Patients and HCPs are driving demand for Pharmacy services and expansion
  • The future of pharmacy is a high-opportunity area for POC investment

Jacob Harrison
Director of Point of Purchase, CMI Media Group
David Lichtenstein
Pharmaceutical Consultant
Mike Wysong
CEO, CARE Pharmacies
Paul Zvaleny
Director of Pharmacy Operations, Giant Food

  • Point of Care investment increases pull-through and conversion
  • HCPs feel positively about POC content and want more content for themselves, staff, and patients
  • HCPs and patients rely on POC content, but feel the current content needs improvement
  • Accessibility is essential for POC content to meet with demand and drive outcomes

Victoria Summers
Principal, ZS

  • HCP Workflows are overwhelmed and time with patients is scarce
  • Messaging to HCPs extends beyond in-office visits
  • HCPs want more information for providers, staff, care network, and patients
  • HCPs want more relevant, patient-centered materials to support treatment post-visit

Dr. John Whyte
Chief Medical Officer, WebMD
Tracy Norfleet, MD, MBA, DABOM, FACP
Health Consultant and Personal Coach, Pink Agate
Dr. David Eagle
Chair of Legislative Affairs and Patient Advocacy, New York Cancer & Blood Specialists

  • Optimizing EHR measurement as part of your overall mix
  • Conversion inside HCP workflows that extend beyond the office
  • Supporting HCP care decisions with EHR messaging
  • The role of AI in higher-impact targeting

Wesley van den Heuvel
Sr. Director of Omnichannel Engagement, Novo Nordisk
Damon Basch
VP of Strategic Partnerships, Veradigm
Maria O’Mara
SVP, Business Development, ConnectiveRx
Thomas Shea
Chief Revenue Officer, Doceree
Maria Cipicchio
SVP of Marketing, OptimizeRx

  • POC delivers exceptional ROI (over 5:1), but POC expansion remains limited
  • Effective POC marketing and custom creative drives exponential impact compared to other channels
  • POC tactics and approaches are often underutilized, despite easy and measurable solutions

Frank Biscardi
SVP, POC Investment, Havas Media Network
Glenn Roginski
Director, Integrated Media Strategy, Pfizer
Melissa Wagner
Associate Director, US Media Strategy & Privacy, Merck
Grace Rodriguez
DTC Portfolio Marketing Head, iPVU, UCB

  • Trusted patient locations and sources are sometimes outside traditional POCs but key to effective marketing reach
  • Understanding friction points is a powerful marketing strategy
  • Patients often do not feel seen or heard in healthcare and are most receptive to marketing that helps them identify themselves in the health context

Tracy Norfleet, MD, MBA, DABOM, FACP
Health Consultant and Personal Coach, Pink Agate
Madeleine Konig
National Vice President, Patient Solutions, American Heart Association
Kelly Cunha Pokorny
National Director, Brand Marketing, Patient Solutions & Risk Factor Management, American Heart Association

  • Hispanics are the fastest growing minority group in the U.S. at ~19% total pop
  • The Hispanic healthcare consumer is highly receptive and eager for resonant messaging
  • Multigenerational communities create inroads to household decision makers (often female) who aren't the primary patient
  • Culturally literate creative is highly effective and can be low lift for high impact

Cristina A Torricella Armstrong
Master Narrative Designer & Senior Content Strategist, POCMA
Eric Talbot
Chief Strategy Officer, MedFuse
Jorge Daboub
EVP Client Partnerships, Healthcare & Pharma, TelevisaUnivision
Yesenia Bautista
VP, Point of Care, Publicis Health Media

  • Patient Journeys are often overly complex and overly rely on patients to move forward
  • Patient-centered engagement strategies across points of care improve adoption and adherence
  • As healthcare gaps widen, pharma and pharmacy have tremendous opportunity to expand patient and HCP support

Larry Dobrow
Editorial Director, MM + M
Brett Barker
VP of Operations, NuCara Pharmacy
Beth Zemkoski
Director, US Payer Marketing, Alcon

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    We are excited to collaborate with the POCMA and accelerate Point of Care education, marketing, communications and innovation to provide patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals with credible, equitable health solutions so everyone, everywhere, can live longer, healthier lives.

    Kelly Cunha Pokorny

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