3 Reasons Why Point of Care Wins Over TV

The landscape of reaching healthcare consumers is changing, forcing healthcare marketers to adapt to new media channels, like Point of Care. Television, once a dominant force, is losing its grip as viewership habits evolve. As noted in a recent Wall Street Journal article, “How Television Advertising Lost Its Relevance,” vast audiences simply no longer tune in to television marketing. While some held out hope that streaming services might be a “salvation” for advertisers, fragmented platforms and limited ad space paint a different picture for the future of healthcare marketing and effective healthcare consumer engagement. Fortunately for healthcare marketers, point of care (POC) media is poised to be the future of healthcare marketing success that can deliver true ROI while serving modern healthcare consumers more effectively. Here are three of the top reasons why your marketing strategy can make up for diminishing television ad reach with POC media potency. 

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TV & streaming are on the blink. Engage people where health is in demand.

Farewell to the Fading Reach of TV Advertising

  • Shifting Audience: Millennial and Gen Z audiences, key demographics for future healthcare markets, are television cord-cutters and streamers. Traditional TV ads simply don’t resonate with these critical healthcare consumers.
  • Limited Impact: Streaming services haven’t filled the void for marketers seeking focused consumer engagement. Fragmented platforms and limited ad inventory make it difficult to guarantee your message reaches the right audience.
  • Premium Price Tag: Live sports, a bright spot for TV viewership, comes with a hefty price tag for ad space. Are you getting the targeted reach you deserve for that premium cost?

Point of Care: Reaching Patients at the Perfect Moment

Imagine connecting with patients at the exact moment they’re most receptive to healthcare information. That’s the power of POC media in your healthcare marketing strategy.

  • Prime Time for Engagement: In waiting rooms, pharmacies, exam rooms, and telehealth appointments, patients are actively seeking health information. Your message is more likely to be seen, heard, and remembered. And data shows it’s more trusted [ZS, 2024]
  • Laser-Focused Targeting: POC media allows you to target demographics and health concerns with accuracy. Imagine promoting a new allergy medication directly to patients waiting for a doctor visit during allergy season! It’s not just any healthcare consumer, it’s the right ones when they need you.
  • Measurable Results: Unlike traditional TV, POC media offers clear metrics. Track the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize your spending for maximum return on investment (ROI). A report by ZS shows that adding POC to a plan with TV and digital lifts returns by 6-8%!

The Data Speaks for Itself: Point of Care Drives Conversions

Beyond anecdotal evidence, there is real evidence like a compelling case study by Veeva Crossix. The study found that point of care marketing is the most cost-efficient driver of conversions for healthcare marketing. Remarkably, POC drove a significant 17% of the New Brand Rx (NBRx) attribution with only 2% of the media investment. This demonstrates the exceptional return on ad spend (ROAS) that POC media can deliver.

Imagine expanding that POC investment to make up for some of the displaced opportunity created by television advertising’s fading reach. 

The Future is Here: Embrace Point of Care

Healthcare marketing is evolving. Don’t get left behind relying on outdated healthcare marketing strategies. You can maximize your ROI for marketing spend by integrating Point of Care media, which offers a higher consumer trust based on in-office location combined with focused healthcare messaging. POC media offers a targeted, measurable, and cost-effective way to connect with patients at the perfect moment. If you aren’t sure how to diversify or fine-tune your POC strategy, the Point of Care Marketing Association can help.  It’s time to make the switch and unlock a golden opportunity for healthcare marketing success.

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